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speaking volumes of pride, heritage and artisanal mastery – these furniture pieces transcend their functional purpose to unfold the stories of fluent designers and their beloved home country, Syria. Whether it’s a mirror frame or a table, ARE’s designs have the ability to encompass a vast world of traditions and elaborate artistry in fine details. In time for Dubai Design Week, the brand was keen on reinterpreting reality. “Our new collection is a playful examination of the everyday, a synthesis of contrasts in colour, size, shape, and position that challenges the singular identity of our commonplace objects and spaces,” shares the ARE team. Borrowing elements from traditional Syrian design, the brand’s founders work collectively to view these components through a modern lens. With that in mind, the designers describe their latest collection, Season 01, as a continuation of ARE’s ever-changing formula of mixing the traditional with the contemporary, while managing to introduce fresh perspectives and synergies between the old and the new. “We play with alternative, somewhat distorted perceptions of the past and the present. Our pieces feature irregular shapes and bright colours, while we use traditional materials such as mother of pearl and high-quality craftsmanship to present our heritage,” the team enthuses. Looking forward, the brand agrees that its pieces have managed to become a tool that connects not just the designers, but also people who appreciate new perspectives while remaining loyal to traditional values. “ARE will continue to grow this sense of community through our representation of the changing perception of our contemporary world, our heritage, and our diversity.”

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